Carrier oils offer therapeutic properties that are accentuated or added to my combining them with essential oils. Some essential oils must be diluted with base oils, natural oils, or carrier oils because they are far too potent for direct skin application. These oils are also an ideal way of extending the life of a small bottle of essential oils. Though natural oils and carrier oils are sometimes called vegetable oils, they are derived from other sources than just vegetables. They can also be pressed from kernels, nuts, and seeds. Manufacturers of hair and skin treatments, as well as aroma therapists, make frequent use of carrier oils and natural oils.

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Benefits of Natural Oils/Carrier Oils

  • May have a direct effect on the benefits of an essential oil
  • Can be used to extend a final product’s shelf life
  • May alter the therapeutic properties, scent, and color of an essential oil
  • Each carrier oil or natural oil offers its own characteristics
  • Characteristics can include therapeutic properties, penetration speed, viscosity, and color

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