Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

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Coconut Oil (Fractionated)
  • Plant Guru Coconut Oil (Fractionated) is suitable for manufacturers, aromatherapists and massage therapists.
  • Fractionated Coconut produces a barrier on the skin, but will not clog pores.
  • Unlike other Carrier Oils The shelf life is indefinite with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight).
  • Plant Guru Fractionated Coconut oil Or MCT (medium chain triglycerides) is actually a fraction of the entire oil. More specifically it is the medium chain fatty acids that are separated for specific uses. The fractionation of coconut oil may be used to make caprylic/capric tryglycerides. Medium chain triglycerides such as caprylic/capric's are most commonly used for medical applications, special diets and cosmetics. Another common use of fractionated coconut oil is a carrier oil for fragrance oil manufacturing.
  • Botanical Name: Cocoas Nucifera
  • Extraction Method: Expression/Separation
  • Plant Part: Fruit
  • 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil - Our coconut oil is unscented, undiluted with no added ingredients. Tested for purity with every batch, food grade and safe for all skin types.
  • Used for cosmetic preparations - Massage therapy - Great for diluting essential oils
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