Birch (Sweet) Essential Oils

Coming from the bark of the birch tree through steam distillation, Birch essential oil has an aroma that is described as wintergreen, piney, sharp, and camphoraceous with a thin consistency. It appears as a pale yellow or colorless liquid. Since ancient times the birch has been used as both a medicinal plant and a decorative tree. Birch (sweet) essential oil blends well with most any mint including peppermint as well as oils classified as spice, woody, and herbal.

Overall Benefits of Birch (Sweet) Essential Oils

  • Useful as an insecticide and germicide
  • Can reduce sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Protect skin against infection
  • Help relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Work to purify your blood

Uses for Birch (Sweet) Essential Oils

This essential oil can be applied topically to relieve pain in joints and muscles. To promote sleep and calm your nerves, sweet birch can be inhaled with the aid of your favorite vaporizer. It is also used to combat joint inflammation and migraines. This essential oil boasts many health benefits which can be directly attributed to its properties as a depurative, insecticide, febrifuge, astringent, antiseptic, diuretic, antiarthritic, antirheumatic, detoxifying, analgesic, antidepressant, stimulant, disinfectant, and tonic substance.


For people who are allergic to methyl salicylate or have a history of seizures, it is best to avoid birch essential oil. Pregnant ladies should also not use birch essential oils. Use this essential in moderation so that skin sensitization will not be an issue.