Natural Incense

MADE IN THE USA - Hand dipped daily using premium grade fragrance oils. stick and cones available. Our incense are made of high-quality natural ingredients and hand dipped in premium grade fragrance oils for 48 hours. Burns time is approximately 45 to 60 minutes for 11" sticks - 2 hours for 19" sticks & 20 to 40 minutes for cones, depending the cone size. 

CHARCOAL - Charcoal incense are cleaner burning than wooden incense and give a more accurate scent on burning. Charcoal also create less smoke than wooden punk. Charcoal incense produce the most delicate fragrances by releasing only the essence of each perfect scent.

JOSS PUNK - Joss punk is made of coarse bamboo grinded into a fine powder then pressed onto a bamboo stick. They come in various lengths and thickness depending on the application. Here at Plant Guru we carry 11' and 19" joss punk sticks.

CLEAN BURNING - NO toxic fumes - NO burning after smell – Nothing but clean premium smooth aroma. Fill your home with our delightful unique aromas and guests will immediately ask what's that amazing smell. Add these to your home décor accessories, your special quiet space, or just keep them on hand to burn any time. 

ONE STOP FRAGRANCE SHOP – Here at Plant Guru we carry a wide variety of pure essential oils, fragrance oils, incense and resins. WHY SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

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Benefits of Incense

  • Can serve as a more natural, chemical free air freshener
  • In addition to essential oils, make the perfect tool for aromatherapy
  • Burning incense offers lessons in preparation, patience, concentration, and more
  • Spiritually, encourages contemplation about the joining of earth and the heavens
  • Can help aid against tension, anxiety.
  • Breathing in the aroma of certain types of incense can enhance focus
  • Increases clarity and, in certain individuals, may help relieve headaches
  • Floral or delicate varieties in particular can help spark appreciation
  • Burning incense makes the user feel more connected to the elements
  • The fragrance can help a person relax and “let go”

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