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First things first, what are raw ingredients? With raw ingredients, all of the essential vitamins and minerals contained within are never hampered or removed by any processing or added chemical. These ingredients are unrefined. Essential oils, botanicals, seeds, waxes, butters, acids, clays, colors, natural vegetable oils, and more all come in raw form. Plant Guru offers a variety of affordable raw ingredients including cocoa butters, Shea butters, cocoa nibs, African black soap, cocoa powder, and more.

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Benefits of Raw Ingredients

With far too many to list, here are some samples of raw ingredients carried by Plant Guru and their benefits:

  • Raw cocoa butter – extremely useful in culinary pursuits, contains antioxidants which encourage cardiovascular health, used as a healer and/or moisturizer to treat skin for wounds and/or scars.
  • African black raw soap – useful in the fight against acne and the scars it leaves behind. Made in West Africa, this soap is rich in color and has a deep aroma. It also helps ease the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and other skin diseases.
  • Raw, unrefined yellow Shea butter – this amazing product helps remove skin discolorations, scars, treats diaper rash, helps remove blemishes, wrinkles, eases the irritation of psoriasis, helps heal or rid the signs of burns, stretch marks, dark spots, eases rashes, infant eczema, and treats dry skin with moisturizing characteristics.

Buy Raw Ingredients from Plant Guru Today

Plant Guru operates with a no-gimmick approach to providing high-quality, top-notch products at some of the most affordable prices online. Now, in the comfort of your own home, you can order 100% natural products that will enhance and improve your life. Give them as gifts or pamper yourself! We have an extensive inventory that will likely contain anything and everything you need in the way of essential oils, carrier oils, butters, waxes, and more. Shop with Plant Guru today!

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