Natural Kokum Butter

Sometimes utilized as a cocoa butter substitute, kokum butter is frequently found in toiletries, cosmetics, soaps, body butters, creams, and as a thickener for lotions. Unlike some butters, it leaves no greasy feel and is quickly absorbed into the skin. This butter promotes healthy skin due to its exquisite emollient properties. The scent is slightly oily, and the appearance of this stable vegetable butter is cream-colored and firm. Its firmness makes it less pliable than other butters, but kokum butter performs extremely well when blended with other ingredients. In such cases, it can end up being your favorite body care product.

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Benefits of Kokum Butter

  • Assists in the restoration of skin elasticity and fights signs of aging (i.e. age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.) and damage from the sun
  • Helps battle skin cell degeneration and protects skin against dryness while nourishing it
  • Works to soften skin and heal ulcerations involving feet, hands, and lips
  • May relieve arthritis pain
  • Useful against unpleasant digestive issues
  • Advantageous for its healing properties and has been used to fight infections
  • Contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties
  • Provides a nourishing atmosphere and promotes strong roots for new hair growth

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