Kokum Butter Chunky Jar-8 oz

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Kokum Butter Chunky Jar-8 oz

Plant Guru Kokum Butter (HDPE Food Grade Jar)

May prevent drying out of the skin and development of wrinkles and reduces degeneration of skin cells

It reduces skin inflammation and helps in curing several skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Usage Rate: 1-100

Keep the skin moist and wrinkle free.

Premium High quality Kokum Butter 

Plant Guru Kokum Butter is produced from the seeds of the Kokum tree's (Garcinia Indica) fruit, Kokum Butter is refined resulting in a white butter with a mild to nonexistent odor. Kokum Butter has a smooth dense texture suitable for cosmetic, confectionary and toiletry applications. Kokum Butter is highly resistant to oxidation and often used as a Cocoa Butter substitute. Kokum Butter is believed to promote skin elasticity, prevention of skin dryness, and restoration of damaged skin.

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