Natural Grapeseed Carrier Oil

Carrier oils are used for dilution. They are added to essential oils before use.  By using a carrier oil to dilute your essential oils, you are actually experiencing the benefits of both kinds of oil. In the case of grape seed, the benefits are many. Grapeseed is known for its lack of residue, light texture, and its use in the culinary world. It leaves less of a greasy film and has a cleaner topical application than other saturated oils.

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Benefits of Grapeseed Carrier Oils

  • Help to illuminate dandruff
  • May be useful in preventing certain chronic diseases
  • Can shield skin from damage
  • Has been known to stimulate cognitive activity and may even a slow Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
  • May prevent cancer by neutralizing free radicals with their antioxidants
  • Work to protect the heart and may decrease atherosclerosis and the potential for stroke and heart attack
  • May lower inflammation by offering pain relief to sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis and other causes for muscle and joint aches
  • Certain individuals use these carrier oils to help balance or regulate blood sugar
  • On skin, exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, are an antioxidant, an astringent, and an emollient
  • For hair, they moisturize the scalp, and act as a great moisturizer thanks to fatty acids and vitamin D. They will help prevent against hair loss, strengthen hair at the root, and work to get rid of dandruff and eliminate split ends

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