Natural Evening Primrose Carrier Oil

Thanks in part to the essential fatty acids found within evening primrose carrier oils, women worldwide are now including them in their daily regiment to treat PMS symptoms naturally. But women and men can appreciate the benefits of the softening and moisturizing effects these carrier oils have on the skin. Particularly individuals suffering from dry skin can enjoy the results of this all-natural application. Evening primrose carrier oils are meant to be added to the other essential oils as a diluting factor. With numerous therapeutic and preventative characteristics, and vitamin C, these carrier oils are increasing in popularity throughout the world helping people avoid illness and keeping them looking youthful.

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Benefits of Evening Primrose Carrier Oils

  • Can help fight depression and seizures in individuals suffering from withdrawal symptoms and can protect the liver and nervous system at the same time
  • May counter infertility and impotence and, in this situation, are frequently taken with vitamin C and ginkgo biloba
  • Sometimes combined with fish oil in order to battle chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Tests have shown positive results in children suffering from ADHD after using these carrier oils
  • Chest discomfort and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may be improved through the anti-inflammatory properties of these oils
  • Greatly improve the skin condition of eczema sufferers
  • Diabetics suffering from neuropathy (numbness, tingling, or pain in the toes and legs) may experience some relief from related symptoms
  • Some women have experienced relief from menstrual pain through the use of these carrier oils
  • May help decrease the chance of heart attacks and heart disease, combat coronary artery disease, and help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol

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