Natural Coconut Carrier Oil

These carrier oils can frequently be found in the manufacturing of fragrances and as a favorite of aroma therapists. They also have applications in cosmetics, special diets, and certain medical applications thanks to their countless health benefits. Best of all, they have a shelf life that is very nearly indefinite. The sole purpose of coconut carrier oils is a diluting ingredient. They should be added to other essential oils before using. Though the abundance of coconut plantations makes the tropics a popular place for these carrier oils, they are also heavily used in the UK, and the United States and are, in fact, gaining popularity worldwide.

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Benefits of Coconut Carrier Oils

  • Extremely helpful in keeping skin wrinkle free and moist without clogging pores
  • Can assist with weight loss and help digestion by increasing metabolism and promoting nutrient absorption
  • Diabetics may use these carrier oils to help improve insulin secretion and control blood sugar levels
  • In teeth and bones, these oils may improve dental health and bone strength
  • Used by aromatherapists to decrease mental fatigue and clear the mind
  • Have been known to assist in healing pancreatitis, kidney disease, liver disease, and damaged tissues
  • May be useful in fighting the battle against high blood pressure and can also be used to prevent high cholesterol
  • Use of these oils may strengthen the body’s immune system
  • As a skin treatment, prevent flaking, dryness, sagging, and wrinkles
  • When used in hair products, can reduce protein loss and provide nourishment

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