Natural Incenses

By all appearances, the burning of incense is a simple process. But when forethought, set-up, and contemplation go into the entire ritual of burning incense, it takes on a far greater context. Correctly used, incense can affect spiritual, mental, and physical health. Incense users can enjoy its many benefits on both a psychological and physical level. In addition to being used in spiritual rituals and for the enhancement of concentration, it has even been useful in heightening desires of a sexual nature.

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Benefits of Incense

  • Can serve as a more natural, chemical free air freshener
  • In addition to essential oils, make the perfect tool for aromatherapy
  • Burning incense offers lessons in preparation, patience, concentration, and more
  • Spiritually, encourages contemplation about the joining of earth and the heavens
  • Can help fight against tension, anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • May prevent some infections
  • Breathing in the aroma of certain types of incense can enhance focus
  • Increases clarity and, in certain individuals, may help relieve headaches
  • Floral or delicate varieties in particular can help spark appreciation
  • Burning incense makes the user feel more connected to the elements
  • The fragrance can help a person relax and “let go”

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