Organic Avocado Butter

For its fatty acids, ultra-refined, 100% pure avocado is used to formulate our avocado butter. With the use of added hydrogenated vegetable oil, our exclusive process develops a white base that is odorless and soft. Upon contact with the skin, it melts quickly and is exceedingly rich. Avocado butter is used by individuals to re-hydrate mature, dry skin and hair. Many find it useful in treating cuticles and nails. For these and other reasons, avocado butter is used in numerous commercial lip balms, baby care products, soaps, creams, lotions, and other mass-produced health and beauty items.

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Benefits of Avocado Butter

  • Used by many to help heal wounds
  • Known to reduce itching
  • When used on hair, can promote volume and growth
  • When applied topically is a natural sunscreen
  • Contains properties which are anti-aging
  • Acne sufferers use it as a skin treatment for its anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Suffers of rosacea and eczema also use this butter
  • Extremely desirable in skin care regimes for its moisturizing and soothing properties
  • Very rich in vitamins K, C, E, D, B6 and A
  • Also contains potassium, folate, copper, and pantothenic acid

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