Avocado Butter

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Avocado Butter

Avocado Butter - Our Avocado Butter is designed for topical use, and is formulated with 100% pure, ultra-refined Avocado Oil for its fatty acids. Added Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil affords an odorless white base that is soft but rich, and melts quickly on contact with the skin. Avocado Butter is popular for the re-hydration of dry, mature skin and hair. Especially helpful to nails and cuticles, it may be used to enhance the emollience of a variety of formulations including lotions, creams, soaps, baby-care products and lip balms.

Avocado Butter:

-Packed with Vitamins A, B, G and E

-Smoothes skin

-Moisturizes skin

-Treats acne

-Anti-aging properties

-Natural sunscreen

-Promotes hair growth and volume

-Reduces inflamation and itching

-Helps heal wounds

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