Natural Candelilla Wax

If you avoid using beeswax because you are vegan, this is the perfect solution for you. Found in lotions, balms, protective creams, lip balm, and lipsticks, this wax is 100% natural and taken from the Candelilla plant (specifically the leaves of the shrub). This shrub can be found in climates that are considered semi-arid. Candelilla wax appears pale yellow. It is softer than Carnauba wax but harder than beeswax. It can be found in many industries including industrial applications, food, and personal care products. Candelilla wax is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol.

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Benefits of Candelilla Wax

The following are common uses and benefits of Candelilla wax:

  • As a hair treatment, prevent moisture loss in hair and scalp
  • Creating an instant barrier, is easily absorbed by hair and scalp
  • Adds lubricant and gloss to hair
  • Smooth application assured by its creamy consistency
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Perfect for vegan lifestyles
  • Excellent substitution for beeswax
  • Odorless
  • Excellent for skin conditioning
  • A good stabilizer
  • Perfect as an emulsifier and astringent
  • Viscosity enhancer
  • Non-gelling thickener

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