Natural Sunflower Carrier Oil

Even though most everyone has heard of sunflowers, there are many today who are not familiar with the many benefits of the cooking oils, carrier oils, and essential oils derived from the flowers and their seeds. Some of these health benefits are the very reason why sunflower oil is found in commercially produced cosmetics. Though they are produced throughout the world, sunflower carrier oils are mainly manufactured in Argentina, Russia, and the Ukraine. Their impressive levels of linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid contribute to their growing popularity.

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Benefits of Sunflower Carrier Oils

  • On skin, help prevent against the effects of aging and damage caused by the sun
  • May be of assistance in reducing the severity of asthma and arthritis thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties
  • Useful in strengthening the immune system
  • Can be helpful in the prevention of heart disease
  • May effectively boost the body’s energy levels
  • Helpful in the fight against colon cancer and the prevention of some other cancers
  • Not only promote cell regeneration but improve skin health through various characteristics
  • Application of mixtures containing these carrier oils may be effective in the treatment of athlete’s foot
  • For individuals highly susceptible to infections, may serve as a preventative treatment

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