Natural Sesame Carrier Oil

Possibly the lesser known of all vegetable oils, sesame carrier oils come from small brown yellowish seeds found primarily in Africa. They are frequently found in middle east cuisine, South East Asian dishes, Japanese and other Asian cuisine’s. These carrier oils are considered extremely healthy thanks to the plethora of beneficial components, organic compounds, minerals, and vitamins contained within. Additionally, these carrier oils may be used to treat high blood pressure, improve digestive processes, reduce inflammation, and more. The purpose of sesame carrier oils is for dilution. Before using, they are added to other essential oils.

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Benefits of Sesame Carrier Oils

  • Help to protect against strokes, heart attacks, and arthrosclerosis
  • Useful in the reduction of the appearance of age spots
  • May help to improve bone growth
  • Has been used to reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Can be useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety
  • May promote hair growth
  • Encourage dental health
  • May lower the chances of certain types of cancer thanks to calcium and magnesium levels
  • These carrier oils exhibit excellent anti-inflammatory properties

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