Natural Safflower Carrier Oil

Carrier oils are often used to dilute essential oils that are extremely potent or to extend the life of your favorite essential oil. Safflower carrier oils are assured 100% pure and natural. They have been cold pressed from ripe seeds of the plant (Carthamus tinctorius) and are typically safe for use on all types of skin. These carrier oils are very popular for use in massage blends and can be found in numerous cosmetic products and skin moisturizers. When kept in a dark, cool location, they can be stored for up to about two years.

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Benefits of Safflower Carrier Oils

  • Easily absorbed as a massage oil and washes easily from linens
  • Can be added to your favorite skin care products as an excellent moisturizer
  • Useful for reducing blackheads and unclogging pores
  • Deeply soothing and hydrating
  • May help to prevent type ll diabetes and encourage blood sugar stability
  • Contain anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Can help fight insulin sensitivity and bad cholesterol
  • Rich in the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid
  • Have been effective against symptoms of PMS
  • Repeated use may encourage hair health, stimulate growth, and increase circulation to the scalp
  • Some individuals have used these oils successfully as a weight loss aid
  • Improve the body’s immune system
  • May help relieve muscle contractions
  • Omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to improve heart health and reduce potential for stroke

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