Natural Rice Bran Carrier Oil

Once thought of a nothing more than an additive for use in culinary pursuits, the healthy benefits of rice bran carrier oils have now been discovered for hair and skin. These carrier oils are inspected for 100% natural purity and have no added ingredients or dilution. They can be used in your choice of essential oils to thin the consistency or extend the life of your essential oil. They have an impressive shelf life of approximately two years when stored in a cool, dark place and will become a favorite addition to your skin or hair care regime.

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Benefits of Rice Bran Carrier Oils

  • Highly useful to keep skin touchable and smooth
  • Ideal for delicate, mature, sensitive skin
  • Mild yet effective on flaky, dry skin
  • High percentage of unsaponifiable and fatty acids (excellent source of antioxidants)
  • Rich in essential oils, proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  • Frequent use can encourage healthy hair growth
  • May help to improve heart health
  • Fight free radical induced cancers
  • Help balance hormones with vitamin E
  • Can assist in the prevention of certain skin conditions such as eczema
  • Provide a boost for the body’s immune system
  • Liver function may improve with continued use
  • Can be used to help alleviate symptoms related to menopause

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