Natural Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil

Our unrefined, virgin pumpkin seed carrier oils are 100% pure and derived by a cold pressed method from the seeds of Australia’s Styrian pumpkins. They are safe for all skin types and have been tested for purity. No added ingredients or dilution go into our carrier oils. These particular carrier oils may also be referred to as “green gold” or “black oil” and are exceedingly healthy for skin. They are used extensively as massage oils and for aromatherapy.

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Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oils

  • High in polyunsaturated fats, zinc, and protein
  • For healthy skin, contain carotenoids, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E
  • Highly valued for their skin healing characteristics
  • Can last up to one year with proper storage in a cool, dark location
  • Regenerate, protect, and hydrate skin
  • Maintain healthy levels of elastin and collagen for younger looking skin
  • Reportedly help thinning hair as a hair growth treatment
  • Treat bags under the eyes and tighten other areas of saggy skin
  • May reduce arthritic pain as an anti-inflammatory
  • Use to treat headaches and hot flashes
  • In postmenopausal women, may help lower breast cancer risk
  • Used to treat IBS and diabetes
  • Effective against insomnia and reduce anxiety
  • May help improve bladder function and protect against heart disease
  • In some cases, can boost sex drive

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