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In order to thin down essential oils, carrier oils can be used. These oils come in a vast array of 100% pure, natural, and tested choices. Used as a massage oil or skin treatment, pomegranate seed oil is exceptionally healthy as an anti-ager and healer. Used as a hair treatment, this carrier oil offers properties that make hair and scalp healthier. One method of hair related use involves a hot oil treatment meant to calm curly, frizzy hair. The non-greasy feel left behind by this carrier oil is surprisingly apparent, making it much preferred as a hair serum and skin care product.

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Benefits of Pomegranate Seed Carrier Oils

  • Make hair shiny, soft and smooth
  • An excellent hair conditioner that penetrates deep into the scalp (up to seven layers)
  • Hydrate hair follicles
  • Restore hair’s natural beauty from within
  • Gently detangle snarled hair
  • Balance the scalp’s pH levels
  • Great source of vitamin C to encourage accelerated, healthy hair growth
  • Used to treat scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis, itchiness, and redness
  • Rids scalp debris to clear hair follicles
  • High vitamin and antioxidant content to stimulate blood circulation (hair and skin)
  • Excellent anti-aging treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin
  • Perfect for oily skin and sufferers of acne
  • Contain fatty acids to battle free radicals
  • Can reverse skin damage to restore luster

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