Natural Perilla Seed Carrier Oil

When an essential oil is a bit too potent, or if a user simply wants to extend the life of their essential oil, carrier oils are often used. Tested for 100% purity, perilla seed carrier oils are derived through a cold pressed method from the seeds of the plant. Also called “wild basil”, this plant is from the mint family. Perilla seed carrier oils have abundant supplies of linoleic acid. If stored properly, in a cool, dark place, your carrier oils should last up to a year. Frequent use of these carrier oils will help prevent skin damage from free radicals, which cause premature aging.

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Benefits of Perilla Seed Carrier Oils

  • Sensitive skin sufferers enjoy their soothing properties
  • Hydrate skin for all skin types
  • Have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics
  • For individuals highly susceptible to infections, may serve as a preventative treatment
  • Fight the effects of aging as they plump skin and refresh its youthful glow
  • One of the highest sources of essential fatty acids among plant oils
  • Absorbs easily into the skin
  • Contain anti-allergic and anti-oxidant properties

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