Natural Olive Carrier Oil

When most people think of olive oil, their minds tend to turn toward cooking. But as a carrier oil, olive oil is frequently used in cosmetics. It is also effective against joint pain and ear pain. Olive carrier oils are meant to be combined with essential oils or other liquids of your choice as a diluting factor. They contain essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins so are ideal for hair and skin treatments. But these carrier oils do not stop there. As you will see, there are a plethora of uses and benefits to these incredibly utilitarian carrier oils made from olives.

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Benefits of Olive Carrier Oils

  • May be helpful in the reduction of bad cholesterol levels
  • Useful to promote proper digestion and boost the body’s metabolism
  • Have been described as being able to slow down the process of aging providing a natural glow and shine to the skin
  • May help with weight loss, effectively reduce the chances of heart problems and lower the risk of hypertension
  • Promote healthy, stronger cell walls and increase arterial wall elasticity
  • Useful in the prevention of gallstones
  • Have been credited with the prevention of breast cancer in some individuals, other cancers, and may fight against the growth of tumors
  • Contain extremely beneficial antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • As an excellent source of vitamin E, promote brain development in children and the growth of good bone structure

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