Natural Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life of jojoba golden carrier oils is literally indefinite. They are rich in vitamin E, have no discernible scent, leave a satiny finish upon application, and are sometimes used in creating a barrier. Meant to be used as a diluting factor, jojoba golden carrier oils can frequently be found in soaps, lip balms, lotions, massage oils, and more. One natural match is mixing these carrier oils with sweet almond essential oils.

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Benefits of Jojoba Golden Carrier Oils

  • Because they mimic the skin’s collagen, they are particularly popular with sufferers of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and skin hypersensitivity
  • An effective mosquito repellent when mixed with thyme essential oils
  • For individuals who use hair coloring, can assist in maintaining the chosen color of their hair
  • Have been used successfully by some to treat oily scalp but, interestingly, also have proven effective in the treatment of dry scalp
  • When added to shampoo, conditions hair and encourages hair growth so is a natural treatment for baldness
  • Makes hair shiny and cleanses the scalp
  • Have been shown to reduce stretch marks from pregnancy and also used to eliminate dark circles under the eyes
  • When applied to lips, makes them soft and supple but also can be applied to the heels of your feet to repair cracked skin
  • Help prevent razor burn for both men and women
  • Can be used to remove unsightly, dark skin pigmentation
  • Keep fingernails and toenails healthy
  • Can be used as a makeup remover but also extremely utilitarian as an overall body oil which can significantly reduce skin inflammation, moisturize, and soften
  • Perfect for treating stubborn acne, reducing the signs of aging, and balancing the skin’s oil production
  • Can be mixed into products to treat skin disorders such as rosacea

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