Natural Hemp Seed Carrier Oil

Hemp seed is frequently found in creams, lip balms, lotions, body or facial oils, and soaps. It is often used to repair damaged skin and prevent dryness. By adding hemp seed carrier oils to the essential oils of your choice, you will experience the benefits of both. These oils are easily absorbed into the skin and because they so closely match our essential fatty acids and skin lipids, are very useful for massages.

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Benefits of Hemp Seed Carrier Oils

  • Because they contain essential fatty acids, these oils can assist in combating aging skin, skin damage, and dryness
  • Some individuals add these carrier oils to smoothies, on vegetables, on pastas, in breads, cereals, yogurts, desserts, and to their salad dressings
  • Used by massage therapists
  • Rich in the ‘good’ healthy fats such as omega 6 fatty acids and rich in omega-3
  • For hair, prevents breakage by strengthening strands, moisturizes, reduces hair loss, prevents dandruff, and thickens the texture of hair. It also may help hair to grow longer, healthier, prevent scalp infections, and increase blood circulation.
  • Are a great source of plant-based protein and can assist in supporting weight loss
  • Have been used to treat acne and for an overall healthier complexion including the treatment of certain skin conditions
  • May prevent some forms of cancer
  • Thanks to their ability to reduce inflammation, these carrier oils may help to relieve the pain of arthritis and other causes of joint pain
  • Some women have had success using hemp seed carrier oils to reduce menopause symptoms and PMS as well as to balance hormones
  • May assist in lowering heart attack risk and the chance for heart disease

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