Natural Castor Carrier Oil

Derived from oil rich castor beans, these carrier oils originated in India and Africa. Today they can be found in medicines, massage oils, textiles, soaps, cosmetics, and more. Nutritionally, they contain the following fatty acids: dihydroxy stearic, palmitic, stearic, linolenic, linoleic, oleic, ricinoleic, and others. For stomach cleansing, the benefits of castor oil cannot be beaten. They can ease abdominal pain, cure constipation, and reduce the stomach’s toxin levels by improving digestion. They can remove or cure issues such as vomiting, nausea, gas, cramps, and irritable bowels. This may even help to reduce fatigue and depression as a result. For such applications, these carrier oils (a diluting ingredient) can be mixed with milk, orange juice, hot water, ginger, and etc.

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Benefits of Castor Oil Carrier Oils

  • A natural treatment for those suffering from stiffness, arthritis and joint pain, and particularly back pain
  • Promote improved health (and boost immunity) by kicking up the body’s natural defense mechanisms through an increase in T-11 cells
  • Are an excellent disinfectant for scrapes and cuts
  • Can be used by most any age group to treat stubborn ringworm
  • Many individuals have found these carrier oils to be the answer to problem hair conditions such as damaged or dry hair – they may even prevent premature graying
  • Itchy scalp, dandruff, and bald patches may be treated with these carrier oils
  • As a skin treatment, may reduce pigmentation, prevent stretch marks, fade blemishes, and fight acne
  • Anti-aging due to the ability to moisturize and revitalize to restore supple, smooth skin

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