Natural Argan Carrier Oil

This carrier oil is derived as most carrier oils are, through cold pressed extraction - but from this oil is taken from the argan kernel. It is !00% pure and natural with no dilution or added ingredients to spoil its incredible effects. You may have already enjoyed the many benefits of this amazing oil due to its being an ingredient in many of today’s cosmetics. Its anti-aging properties and wonderful conditioning characteristics make it the perfect addition to any hair or skin care regime. With proper storage, argan carrier oils will last up to 2 years.

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Benefits of Argan Carrier Oils

  • Contain antioxidant properties
  • Can help boost your body’s immunity
  • As a hair treatment, support hair growth and may help fight dandruff
  • Also make hair stronger, longer, and thicker
  • Particularly ideal for those who suffer skin breakouts or who have sensitive skin
  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Battle fine lines and premature wrinkles as an anti-aging treatment
  • On both hair and skin, maintain radiance, suppleness, and softness
  • Contain high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamin E

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