Natural Apricot Carrier Oil

Used by massage therapists, aroma therapists, and home remedy enthusiasts, these nourishing and rich carrier oils are not only good for all skin types but high in vitamins A and E. Apricot carrier oils are utilized commonly in the cosmetic, natural supplement, and food industries. They are rich in linoleic and oleic acid and present as lightweight oils with an exquisite texture. For prematurely aged, irritated, or dry skin, the moisturizing and softening properties of these carrier oils make them invaluable as a skin treatment ingredient.

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Benefits of Apricot Carrier Oils

  • Can benefit sensitive, inflamed, and dry skin
  • Easily absorbed by skin and leave no oily or greasy feeling
  • Excellent carrier oils because they do not lose their effectiveness when mixed with other ingredients
  • Help to prevent free radical damage to skin and are an excellent under eye cream ingredient
  • Can reduce the risk of infection in cuts and wounds through their antiseptic properties
  • Support skin in a manner that produces an anti-aging treatment and are the perfect emollient
  • When applied topically, may reduce inflammation through their anti-inflammatory properties
  • As a hair treatment, make hair more easily comb-able and manageable, softer, and shinier without greasiness. Also reduces scalp problems, provides nutrition, and promotes hair growth

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