Natural Unscented Incense

Untold numbers of individuals love to use incense for spiritual awakening, to increase concentration, or some other purpose. But some are sensitive to certain odors or scents. For these people, unscented incense may be the answer. For many, the actual burning of incense and the preparation that goes into it is the purpose of the practice itself. It is a procedure rather than simply a way of scenting the air in a room. So, a particular smell may not be desirable or the exact fragrance required. Unscented incense is perfect for incidents requiring little to no particular odor. The sticks upon which unscented incense come are natural bamboo. Surrounding the stick is a wood powder base. Clearly, this is an all-natural product.

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Benefits of Unscented Incense

  • At 11 inches long (8 inches of actual burning powder), offers extended burning time
  • Comes in bundles of 100 pieces for lots of unscented incense burning opportunities
  • Perfect for creating your own scented incense by adding your favorite essential oil
  • Excellent for use in the re-sale business, home crafting, or in aromatherapy sessions
  • Typically used for meditation and religious purposes, it has no offensive odor
  • All natural so there is no undesirable, nasty, harmful chemical

Buy Unscented Incense from Plant Guru Today

Plant Guru is going to improve your purchasing encounter by adding high-quality and affordability to the already convenient online shopping experience. We want to be your go-to site for the unscented incense you require for your spiritual or physiological needs. With our wide selection of all-natural essential oils, you can even experiment by adding your favorite scents to your unscented incense sticks. Consider giving DIY unscented incense sticks as gifts to family or friends today!

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