Organic Tangerine Butter

By combining hydrogenated vegetable oil with cold pressed oil that is taken from fresh tangerine peels, we have produced a body butter that is tantalizingly sweet. It has a solid texture and an aroma that is described as tangy and fresh. The beneficial skin properties of this butter are numerous, to say the least. Thanks to its extremely easy spreadability, it is one of the most utilized body butters in massage therapy. Sent helps to refresh and revitalize the psyche. Tangerine butter can also be used in other treatment products as a carrier. Found in commercially produced soaps, lotions, and creams, it is known as a moisturizing agent.

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Benefits of Tangerine Butter

  • Topical application may help in the reduction of cellulite
  • Useful for relieving the symptoms of stress and anxiety, particularly through massage therapy
  • Used to disinfect wounds and cuts because tangerine butter kills bacteria
  • As a hair conditioner, can promote the growth of hair
  • Also, useful to prevent the graying of hair
  • As a skin care product, helps maintain moisture and oil balance
  • Will help stimulate the generation and growth of cells

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