Organic Sal Seed Butter

Native to India, the Shorea robusta tree provides the seeds from which sal seed butter is extracted. The butter presents with an off-white color, little to no odor, and softens as you rub it on your skin. It can be found in any number of commercially produced cosmetics. Sal seed butter is the perfect product for hair conditioning and skin care. It treats and heals damaged hair as well as promoting elasticity in skin. And because it does not typically leave an oily residue after topical application it is perfect for sufferers of oily skin. Rather than lotion, many prefer sal seed butter to treat rough, dry hands. It is frequently found in hair care, nail, skin products, and lip balms.

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Benefits of Sal Seed Butter

  • Can restore the flexibility of one’s skin
  • Extremely useful in the treatment of frostbite
  • Contains properties which are anti-aging
  • May help relieve tension, pain, and muscle aches
  • Used to treat sunburn for its soothing effect
  • Beneficial for those fighting off dermatitis and eczema
  • Also helpful against rashes and generally itchy skin
  • Works well for the prevention of dry skin
  • Makes skin velvety smooth was with no oily residue
  • Contains anti-inflammatory characteristics

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