Organic Olive Butter

One of the world’s most cultivated and well-known trees is the olive tree. Its oil can still be found as an important part of many religious ceremonies. For over 5000 years it has been touted as a natural beauty product for its ability to keep the body and skin of its users looking young. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this magnificent tree in a body butter. Olive butter is a hypoallergenic, natural way to moisturize skin and supply it with essential vitamins. It is particularly useful on skin that has been exposed to air pollution, sun, dry weather, and harsh conditions for its renewing and repair characteristics.

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Benefits of Olive Butter

  • Treat hair with olive butter to bring out the shine and strengthen strands
  • Helpful in treating dandruff
  • An extra rich emollient, much like Shea butter, when used on skin
  • Contains skin nourishing and deep moisturizing qualities
  • Displays the same antioxidant and moisturizing properties as olive oil
  • Deeply hydrates dermal layers with its smooth richness
  • Melts quickly when it comes in contact with skin
  • Soft when stored at room temperature and odorless
  • High in a variety of fatty acids and vitamins
  • May lower the risk of dermatitis when used in topical skin therapy

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