Organic Mowrah Butter

The mild, pleasant aroma of this butter is just the beginning of why it can be found in many of today’s toiletries and cosmetics. The seed kernels from the fruit of an Indian tree known as Madhuca Latifolia are the basis this product. The substance extracted from those seeds is further processed into a white/yellow colored butter. The leaves of these flowers are frequently used in the making of jam as well as homemade liquor.

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Benefits of Mowrah Butter

  • Use on hair as an excellent conditioner and moisturizer
  • After drying, leaves hair shiny and soft
  • Works very well as a makeup remover, particularly for eye makeup
  • Apply to all exposed skin as a natural sunblock
  • Works wonders to diminish and lighten scars and/or dark spots on skin
  • Acts as an anti-aging treatment to restore skin flexibility
  • Helpful in the reduction of degeneration of skin cells
  • Discourages the development of wrinkles
  • Helps to prevent skin from drying out
  • Contains emollient and antioxidant properties
  • Helpful when used to fight off headaches and symptoms of rheumatism
  • May also be useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids and piles

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