Organic Macadamia Butter

Add this butter to your favorite lotions or creams for a smoother skin texture, to improve hydration, and to make them ultra-rich. Particularly those with extremely dry skin will benefit from the creamy texture of this body butter. It is already found in many creams and lotions used for skin care. We have blended together hydrogenated vegetable oil and omega-6 and omega-3 high macadamia nut oil for the perfect combination. This luxurious butter will add new pleasure to your old, humdrum skin care routine.

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Benefits of Macadamia Butter

  • Use it all over as the perfect body moisturizer
  • This butter is an excellent facial cleanser
  • Individuals needing a natural make up remover use this regularly
  • Can reduce inflammation and itchiness because it works similar to cortisone
  • Can aid in skin recovery
  • As a facial moisturizer, it works beautifully with anti-aging properties
  • Apply to scalp and hair for prevention of dry, brittle hair
  • Light, non-greasy, and extremely versatile
  • Literally glides onto skin for easy application and is quickly absorbed
  • This butter has a chemical profile that closely imitates human sebum
  • Ideal treatment for dry, mature skin as it helps retain moisture

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We provide some of the highest quality, most affordable butters, essential oils, carrier oils, and waxes on the market. We are able to do this because at Plant Guru, we don’t believe in exaggerated marketing plans, multilevel pyramid pricing, or exhaustive advertising. We concentrate on providing premier products containing ingredients from ethical worldwide producers with excellent reputations. It's the only way to keep you, our valued customer, healthy and happy. Check out our inventory today.

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