Organic Lemon Butter

Smell clean and feel well hydrated with this ideal mix of hydrogenated vegetable oil and lemon essential oil. The bright, zesty aroma that is lemony in nature will refresh and revitalize you. Slightly light yellow in color, our lemon butter is whipped into a consistency that is creamy and perfect for use as balm or a massage butter. The natural oil and lemon contains an extremely effective free radical scavenger called limonene. Massage this butter on sites of prior surgeries to improve the circulatory process, soften skin, and reduce scar tissue, all at the same time. Lemon peel wax, also found in lemon butters, has high levels of polyphenols, or bioflavonoids, which contain important antioxidants for a healthy body.

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Benefits of Lemon Butter

  • Useful to soothe chapped lips
  • An effective treatment for dandruff and dry scalp
  • Can strengthen nails
  • Apply to hair for a brightening effect
  • Rub into skin to help remove blackheads
  • Great for sufferers of oily skin for toning and moisturizing
  • Brightens and exfoliates skin
  • Used by acne sufferers for treatment
  • Fights wrinkles with antiaging properties
  • Used to diminish scars
  • Helps make skin soft and supple

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