Organic Jojoba Butter

Jojoba butter contains qualities that closely mirror our skin’s own natural oils. It is, therefore, the perfect fit for applications such as massage and cosmetics. Additionally, because it doesn’t present much of a scent of its own, jojoba butter will not interfere with the scent of your cologne, perfume, body spray, etc. This luxurious butter has a smooth texture and dense viscosity and can be used by individuals with dry to normal skin.

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Benefits of Jojoba Butter

  • Jojoba butter is an excellent moisturizer
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fights off or discourages bacterial, and viral, and infections
  • Speeds up the healing process when used on wounds such as scrapes, scratches, and cuts
  • Contains B complexes and vitamin E, useful for application on sunburned skin
  • Helps calm down frizzy hair, lessen hair loss, eliminate dandruff, and more
  • Apply to your nail beds to eliminate fungal infections in toes and fingers
  • Used topically, good for sufferers of acne, psoriasis, hypersensitivity, and eczema
  • Mimics the skin’s collagen, the most important structural protein in our connective tissues

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