Organic Illipe Butter

Referred to as ‘Illipe Nut Butter’, this butter is made from the fat from nuts found growing wild in jungles in Southeast Asia and Borneo. This product contains high concentrations of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). It can be instrumental in helping individuals avoid serious skin conditions because it assures the health of our skin membrane which assists in avoiding aging and keeps skin cells vibrantly reproducing. The butter is quickly and completely absorbed by our skin which results in a smoother, softer skin texture. For this very reason, illipe nut butter is a highly desired ingredient in some facial products and skin care lotions and creams. Its composition is similar to cocoa butter and appears as a creamy white or light-yellow butter having an aroma that is nut-like.

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Benefits of Illipe Butter

  • High moisture penetration discourages sagging, wrinkles, and other effects of aging
  • Moisturizing attributes are long-lasting
  • Perfect for sufferers of dry, flaky skin with additional softening qualities
  • Fights frizzy, dry hair and heals damaged hair helping it to become healthier and stronger
  • Linoleic acid, sometimes called vitamin F, helps prevent hair loss
  • Can be used to heal mouth ulcers and sores

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