Natural Coconut Oil

Coconut oil butter is a very popular ingredient in many of today’s natural beauty products. And it isn’t just there for its pleasant aroma. One good reason for including coconut in these types of products is the fact that it is an excellent moisturizer for the skin but also contains antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. Any number of individuals include coconut oil butter in their nightly routine before going to bed to not only gently hydrate skin but allow it to repair itself while they sleep. Individuals suffering from oily skin or acne sufferers can benefit even more from adding a little bit of this to their regular moisturizer as it amps up hydration but does not create extra oil. When used on hair, it penetrates hair far better than other oils.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin) Butter

  • Useful as a moisturizer because it does not produce excess oils but hydrates skin perfectly
  • Full of magnesium, calcium, and essential amino acids
  • May aid in weight loss because it boosts metabolism and increases your level of energy
  • Helps destroy funguses, viruses, and harmful bacteria as it boosts immunity with lauric acid
  • Nourishes hair and provides protection against protein loss
  • Can have a youthful, rejuvenating effect on skin by reducing wrinkles
  • This product can be used in food as well as topically which intensifies its benefits
  • Provides the perfect type of fatty acids needed to promote a healthy metabolism

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