Organic Babassu Butter

This odorless, white, hard butter has the consistency of an emollient wax that is smooth to the touch. Upon contact with the skin, it slowly melts, rendering a sensation that is described as cooling. It can be compared to coconut butter but does not leave behind the same oily residue on hair and skin that coconut butter sometimes can. It has excellent detangling properties for your hair and much better absorption than some other butters. With no oily residue left behind, skin and hair feel velvety soft and smooth.

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Benefits of Babassu Butter

  • Extremely useful in the treatment of skin to encourage new skin cell development
  • Contains anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Not only detangles hair but nourishes it, leaving it velvety and shiny
  • Will not leave a greasy film
  • Soothes itchiness and reduces redness on skin
  • Helps to eliminate body odor
  • May speed healing and can be healthy for nails and cuticles
  • Used in skin care for its anti-aging qualities
  • Good source of vitamin E, also contains disease fighting free radicals through antioxidants

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