Essential Oil Vials

Our vials can be utilized in various manners, including dry goods or liquids. Each vial is made in the USA, from clear, high quality Borosilicate glass. Attached (screwed on) to each vial is a black phenolic cap. Each vial holds either two drams (1/4 fluid ounces) or one dram (1/8 fluid ounces). A vial’s traditional method of measure is a dram. Our vial packages come in various quantities. Each two dram vial measures 17 x 60 mm and each one dram vial measures 15 X 45 mm. These are perfect for storing your essential oil blends and more.

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Types/Packs of Vials We Offer

  • 12 – 1 dram glass vials
  • 24 – 2 dram glass vials
  • 144 – 2 dram glass vials
  • 12 – 2 dram glass vials
  • 24 – 1 dram glass vials
  • 144 – 1 dram glass vials

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Plant Guru is a company that believes in the 100% concept. We are 100% committed to providing 100% of our consumers with 100% authentic, 100% natural, and 100% pure products. Our family run business has a passion for both the essentials and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our 90-day return policy for each and every one of our products.

Even though we use the highest quality ingredients in our essential oils, waxes, carrier oils, butters, and more, we are able to keep our prices at a reasonable rate. This is because we don’t concentrate on intense, high-pressure sales tactics, multi-level pyramid pricing, or gimmicky advertising. Instead, we concentrate on what is most important – our consumers and our reputation. Check out our impressive inventory today and to discover for yourself why more and more individuals are choosing to better their lives with our 100% pure, natural products.

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