Lip Balm Containers

If you make your own lip balm, chances are that you’re looking for the perfect container in which to store and use it. Plant Guru offers the perfect solution in our 3/16 ounce (5.5 ml) lip balm tubes. They are available in packages of various quantities. Each natural (clear), unused lip balm tube comes with its own white cap. They are all made in the USA, BPA free, and come as standard round tubes. Your lip balm feeds through the tube with the assistance of a push wheel mechanism.

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Types of Lip Balm Containers

  • 50 5.5ml (3/16 ounce) lip balm tubes
  • 25 5.5 ml (3/16 ounce) lip balm tubes
  • 12 5.5ml (3/16 ounce) lip balm tubes
  • 100 5.5ml (3/16 ounce) lip balm tubes

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