Essential Oils Droppers

No matter how many pure essential oils or essential oil mixes you have on hand, they should all be stored properly. Improper storage of essential oils lessens their shelf life and can even make them harder to use. You can block out as much light as is necessary by storing your essential oils in a glass bottle that is darkly colored. Fortunately, our amber bottles are perfect for this purpose. Plant Guru offers a big number of storage bottles and packaging types.

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Other storage recommendations include aromatherapy storage boxes, keeping caps or lids secured tightly, avoiding sources of heat (some people even store their essential oils in the refrigerator), and avoiding the storage of essential oils in plastic bottles, particularly when it comes to undiluted essential oils. You should also use droppers when using them to ensure economical use and easy application.

Types Of Droppers

  • Six disposable 3 mL transfer pipettes
  • 12 disposable 3 mL transfer pipettes
  • Set of four 3 mL Amber glass bottles with the euro dropper lids
  • Set of four 10 mL amber glass bottles with euro dropper lids

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