Whether you are on vacation, attending a conference or on a short weekend getaway, essential oils can come in great use. These oils can be absorbed in multiple ways – from inhalation, using it as massage oil or as perfume. Take advantage of the numerous benefits that essential oils hold! Here are some excellent essential oils that you could bring on your travels.


Lavender oil is essentially one of the handiest essential oils to have because of the multiple benefits it brings. Amazing for relaxation and stress relief, this oil can be speckled onto your pillow or diffused through a diffuser to provide an excellent night’s rest. This oil is great for relieving rashes, irritations or burns as well.


Besides the fantastic scent it offers, lemon oil is great at keeping your mind alert during the day. Whether you are on a long haul flight or road trip, be rejuvenated by inhaling its scent. You could also add a drop of lemon oil into a warm glass of water.


Known for its medicinal benefits, peppermint can be used to relieve symptoms that you might face while travelling. They are excellent for stomach aches, sore muscles or joints and can help in relieving headaches. You could apply them on areas where you feel pain and apply them on your temples for headaches. Just like lemon oil, peppermint could help in keeping you alert in the day.

Tea Tree

With the anti-inflammatory properties, Tea tree oil works relieving sensitive skin and skin irritation. It also works great in treating infections, cuts and wounds.

Coconut Oil

Carrying oil are oils which are used to dilute more potent oils (Such as Peppermint). Coconut, olive, almond or vegetable oil works great in diluting the solution for use on the skin.

Essential Oil Blends

Oil blends allows you to experience a variety of natural essences and complex aromas. When certain oils are mixed together, the resulting combination can be even more beneficial than if the oils were to work alone. Oils with similar characteristics can be combined to provide even greater benefits for its users.

Meditation or Stress Relief synergy blend can help in relieving stress and promoting relaxation when on a trip. There are also other blends which can be used to relieve certain symptoms that you might be feeling. Deep Muscle synergy blend is a powerful combination of analgesic oils that is used to mitigate pain and discomfort. This can provide relief for muscle aches and achy joints with lasting therapeutic results.

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