We live in a society that seeks immediate gratification. Your boss wants it yesterday, you want your structured settlement cash now, your download needs to happen immediately, etc. We make a decision and we want immediate results. Last minute and spontaneous are just fine, as long as it can happen this very second. So, for many of us, waiting out the process of carrier oil infusion becomes an arduous practice that is not only time consuming but torturous and wasteful.

Surely, there has to be a better way.

So Excited… So Letdown!

Your perennials have reached the point where the first trim of the season is upon you. Yay! So exciting. Until you remember that it takes weeks for the drying and infusing of the trimmings with your favorite carrier oils. Now you feel let down. Take heart, oh creative one. There are short cuts available to those who wish to speed things along. (And who wouldn’t?)

Now you’ll have, at your disposal, a quick and easy method of carrier oil infusion that can be completed in about two hours. Crazy, right? Not so much. As an example: you will soon be able to fast-infuse your peppermint into an almond/jojoba combo and your Melissa into solid coconut oil in no time at all. Here’s how.

Steps To Fast-Infusion

The first step toward the completion of the process of fast-infusion is to carefully pick your choice of herbs. For the sake of brevity, let’s go with the just named choices. Once you have your herbs in hand, wash them thoroughly. Shake off any excess water and spread the herbs out on a cookie sheet. Only lay them out in a single layer. No stacking. (Make sure that you know which is which, especially if they look a lot alike.)

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. Place the herb filled cookie sheets in the oven, with the door slightly ajar, for an hour. You’ll know that the herbs are done drying when they crumble easily in your hands.

Next, you’ll need a double boiler. In that double boiler, cover the herbs with your chosen carrier oil. Remember, for the Melissa, we chose solid coconut oil, and for the peppermint, we chose jojoba and almond oils. (One method of doing this involves placing a jar on the metal ring of the lid.) Cooking time here is about one hour.

When the mixture has cooked for an hour, pour the contents through a fine mesh strainer. Voila! Now go ahead and store your new carrier oils in covered jars and put them to good use in a manner of your choosing.

These ingredients are, of course, just suggestions. The more imagination you put into your creations, the more unique they will be. Enjoy!

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