Both Beeswax and Candelilla wax are wonderful ingredients for a variety of skincare products. They contain large amounts of vitamin A which is responsible for hydration and the regeneration of the cells, and the addition of beeswax in a skin care mixture can bring greater emulsification and thickness. Below are some of the similarities and differences between these two waxes.


This wax is plant based and is an excellent choice for vegans. Its melting point is high, and it can function in the form of an emulsifier or stabilizer in lotions, salves or creams. The skin will absorb it easily and it is free of odor and high in nutrients. Candelilla also has greater density than beeswax, so when adding it to a recipe it will be necessary to make the adjustments to compensate for this. When using Candelilla as an alternative to beeswax you should use half the amount.

Candelilla beads are extracted from Candelilla shrub leaves that can be found in the Southwestern U.S. and northern part of Mexico. The best Candelilla is completely natural and filtered twice, and it should be sold in a glass jar which is reusable with a steel lid on top that can be screwed or unscrewed. Some people also use beeswax as a food wrap as opposed to traditional plastic wrap.


This wax is one of the best skincare ingredients you can buy and there are a number of reasons for this. First, like Candelilla it contains lots of vitamin A, which allows the cells to regenerate while providing the body with hydration. It is regularly used in skincare mixtures that contain oils or are stored in the form of liquids at room temperature. Adding beeswax to your recipe will increase its thickness since it has a moderately high melting point and is solid in room temperature.

One thing which separates beeswax apart is its humectant characteristics. This essentially means that it draws more moisture to the skin, while also providing a barrier which seals the moisture. This makes it excellent for lip balms and unlike other products such as petroleum jelly it will not suffocate the skin. Instead it will allow your skin to “breathe.”

The skin shield provided by beeswax also wards off both irritants and toxins in the environment. The best beeswax is that which is filtered two times and completely pure, without being bleached. It is best stored in a glass jar that can be reused with a steel lid that can be screwed on or off. Another difference between beeswax and Candelilla is that beeswax has a mild honey like scent.

As humectant beeswax is superior to Candelilla, but its usage should be avoided by those who are allergic to either honey or pollen. It has a slightly lower melting point than Candelilla but is not suitable for vegans.  It is one of the best waxes you can by and is indispensable as a skincare ingredient.