Made from sweet cherry kernels, cherry kernel oils is an emollient oil with high amounts of Vitamin A, oleic acid, and natural tocopherols. This fruit is thought to be native to Anatolia, Europe, and western Asia, but it is now widely farmed all over the world for both home and commercial purposes. Due to its antioxidant nature, cherry kernel oil can help to improve dry skin as it is beneficial for those with acne-prone or irritated skin. Find out more about the uses, benefits, and precautions when using cherry kernel oil.

Uses of Cherry Kernel Oils

Cherry kernel oil has plenty of uses. First of which is the scented candle. It allows candles to release a scent while burning. Similarly are its use in perfumes. With its essence and aroma, it is commonly used in perfumes. Even if you have a perfume that doesn’t contain cherry kernel oil, you can add it yourself for a similar experience. Cherry kernel oil also offers a relaxing time in the bathroom with just a few drops.  Adding a pleasant aroma in soaps for those who want it, providing a de-stressing experience in the bathtub after a long, hectic day of work.

A Strong Antioxidant

Cherry kernel oil possesses an abundant level of antioxidants. The antioxidant content aids in the enhancement of our immunity system, helping to prevent a number of different ailments This may help to prevent migraines and even cancer. A cherry kernel oil massage is a great home treatment for migraines. Its anticancer properties are attributed to a unique blend of polyphenolic chemicals with a wide range of biological activities, with flavonoids being an active anticancer element. Cherry kernel oil goes further in stopping cancer cells from growing and spreading instead of simply protecting against cancer.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Being rich in amino acids, cherry kernel oil is effective in inflammation prevention with its high anti-inflammatory characteristics, helping in reducing inflammation of the skin, bones, and other body organs. Regular massage with cherry kernel oil has been shown in studies to lessen the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. Maybe it’s time to schedule a massage soon for yourself?

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

One of the many benefits of cherry kernel oil is its calming and relaxing properties. Utilizing the oils will help to increase blood circulation in our bodies, giving them the necessary quantity of oxygen and nutrition. Consumption of cherry kernel oil has been shown in studies to reduce stress hormones in our bodies and hence minimize chronic stress.

Precautions when Using Cherry Kernel Oils

While there are many advantages of using the oil, you also need to be cautious and safe in your usage. It is important to note that cherry kernel oil should not be used near the eyes or other sensitive regions. Avoid using it excessively as you might get an adverse reaction. Those with sensitive skin are discouraged from using too. If you are unsure whether you might experience any negative side effects, do consult and get the advice of a healthcare professional.