Avocado Oil

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Avocado Oil

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Botanical Name: Persea Gratissima

Extraction method : Cold Pressed

Plant Part : Pulp of the avocado fruit

Common Uses: Avocado Oil is cold pressed from the pulp of the Avocado Fruit. It is an emollient, highly penetrating oil and it is known to be rich in essential and trace minerals and Vitamin A, B, D, E. Avocado Oil is a nourishing oil for the skin and hair and it is best suited for very dry, mature, irritated, or sun-damaged skin and hair. Its properties and texture makes it especially suitable for use in hair care. Due to its aroma and thick, oily consistency, Avocado Oil is typically used at a low ratio (highly diluted) in blends and formulations. Because of the relatively unstable nature of this oil it is recommended that you use this oil soon after receiving it, and store away from heat and light.

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