Pneumonia can be very troubling. Considering the fact that this common respiratory illness affects more than 500,000 people annually, there is reason to worry about the condition. In order to keep this ailment at bay, you have to do something about it. Did you know that you can actually use essential oils for pneumonia? Find out more about the answer to this question in this page.

Pneumonia Defined

Commonly accompanied by dry or productive cough, headache, muscle aches, fever, chills, and chest pain, pneumonia is actually caused by either a virus or bacteria or in some cases, a fungus. There are also instances when pneumonia is caused by a parasite. Apart from these causes, however, there are   also certain risk factors that increase your risk of contracting pneumonia. Among them are chemical exposure, cystic fibrosis, smoking, health conditions such as asthma, and COPD, as well as a weakened immune system.

Seeking Immediate Treatment

When you are worried about pneumonia and you know that you already have it, you have to seek medical treatment right away. Your doctor may recommend that you take pain killers, or antibiotics depending on the severity of the ailment. But the best treatment you can seek is through prevention or at least keeping the illness under control. Including several essential oils to your treatment plan can help treat the symptoms connected with pneumonia, through the natural way.

Essential Oils That Are Good for Pneumonia

Essential oils contain properties that are known to help fight a wide array of illnesses, pneumonia included. If you are looking for essential oils that can help with pneumonia, you can consider using thyme essential oil, tea tree oil, clove essential oil, rosewood essential oil, and peppermint oil. You can also use cinnamon essential oil, oregano essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil in the treatment of pneumonia and the prevention of its symptoms.

Why Use Essential Oils in the Treatment of Pneumonia?

Essential oils contain properties that help fight the illness while also treating symptoms and eliminating infections. They can be antibacterial which means they are capable of killing bacteria and virus that cause pneumonia thus making recovery faster than usual. Some essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce lung inflammation in patients suffering from pneumonia. Some have analgesic properties too thus they can get rid of the pain that come with coughing brought about by pneumonia.

Apart from helping you get rid of the worries that come with pneumonia, these essential oils generally help improve your wellbeing. While they prevent pneumonia, they also boost your immune system. Just by simply inhaling them regularly from an essential oil diffuser, immune system health will surely improve.

How to Use Essential Oils for Pneumonia

You can mix any of the essential oils mentioned herein with carrier oils. From there, you can use the mixture for a chest rub or a foot massage. You can also add several drops of these oils to hot water then use it for steam inhalation. As mentioned, you can also use them in a nebulizing essential oil diffuser in your room where you can relax.