Avocado oil is an increasingly popular skincare product that has almost only positive properties. From its name, we can roughly guess that it can be derived from the avocado fruit. While many people love eating avocados for its nutritious fatty content, it can be extremely beneficial when avocado oil is applied to our skin as well. The fact is that avocado oil contains so many different kinds of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, and B6, niacin, potassium, and magnesium. It is used to keep our skin supple and moisturized and this is why it is used as a component in so many different skincare products in the market today. However, when you are purchasing avocado oil, experts stress the importance of buying from sellers that specialize in unrefined and organic products. The rest of this article will explain the benefits of avocado essential oil for our skin in greater detail.


As we now know, collagen makes up a large percentage of our skin. Its presence can be used to strengthen, hydrate and maintain the elasticity of our skin. Although there is no serious evidence that using avocado oil can increase the amounts of collagen in our skin, what we do know is that it is useful in slowing down the breaking down of this compound. It has been shown to slow down the enzyme known as lysyl oxidase, which causes collagen to break down.

Curbs Skin Inflammation

While most people are cautious when it comes to applying skincare products on sensitive skin that is prone to conditions such as eczema, skin experts recommend avocado oil for these types of skin because of its anti-inflammation properties. There is also a misconception that acne is simply caused by glands that are clogged up. However, avocado oil does not even clog our pores in the first place. Since acne is caused primarily by skin inflammation, incorporating avocado oil into our skincare routine would help to reduce the redness and swelling of our skin cells.

Moisturizing for Scalps

Avocado oil can also be used for our scalps. The oil can prevent the growth of different types of fungi and fight against many species of bacteria. This is especially useful for people who have seborrheic dermatitis, which is the condition in which there is an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria on our skin. However, this does not mean that avocado oil should be used entirely in place of prescribed skin medication that helps to fight against such conditions. It can simply be used as a skin supplement that moisturizes and reduces flaking.

Different Applications

Avocado oil can be applied to our skin in its raw form and can be added to skincare products as well. You will find that many facial masks and even skin butter can benefit from including avocado oil in its ingredients. There are many tutorials online on home skin treatments that utilize avocado oil, but be sure to follow routines that are officially verified by skincare experts. You can always choose to dilute some avocado oil and add it into your bath to ensure that every part of your body is exposed to its goodness.