Essential Oil Variety Set 7 Blends & 7 Singles - 10 ml

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Indulge yourself with our Top 7 Singles & Top 7 Blends  

  • Set Includes: 14/10 ml. Bottles 7 single & 7 Blends - Stress Relief, Bandit, Alive, Happy, Meditation, New Beginning, Sleep Tight, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree.
  • All Plant Guru Oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.
  • Packaged in a dark amber glass bottle with euro style dropper cap.
  • 100% Undiluted Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- No fillers, additives, bases or carriers added.
ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS Invigorate your senses and transform your day with essential oil blends carefully crafted by Plant Guru. Our Synergies are blended using 100% pure essential oils. Our essential oil synergies make it easy for you to enjoy a variety of natural essences and complex aromas. The concept of an essential oil synergy blend is that the outcome of the blended oils is going to have greater value than the essential oils working alone. Oils with similar characteristics and healing benefits will combine to improve upon those qualities, making it a powerful tool for aromatherapy. Some are great for relaxing and loosening up, others will keep you focus and renewed. The oils used in our synergies have been carefully chosen and precisely blended by our master aroma therapists to provide a sensational balance of aromas that complement each other perfectly.
Each Essential Oil singles have their own unique purposes. Lavender and Lemon can assist with relaxation and anxiety. Rosemary is popular for it's ability to stimulate hair gorwth. Peppermint is considered a dietary supplement for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Eucalyptus can help with seasonal allergies. Tea Tree is believed to be antibacterial. These are the most common uses for each oil mentioned, but there are many more benefits which make each oil special, depending on the consumer and their purposes.
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