While there are many types of butter available on the market, only a few are well suited to lotion bars. Creating the right mix at home can be challenging and will usually require multiple batches and experimentation, but one butter that has shown tremendous effectiveness is sal seed, also known as Shorea Robusta.

What Makes Sal Seed Butter Different?

Unlike many aloe or almond butters (which are often mostly a mixture of Shea and cocoa combined with oil), Sal seed butter has exceptional purity. It is an outstanding ingredient for lotion bars, and has numerous qualities which make it stand out from other soaps. Many people in the West have probably never heard of it, largely because it originates in the East, in India to be exact. It is native to South Asia and it is said that Sal seeds can be found in over 10 percent of Indian forests. It is derived from the Shala tree.

Indians themselves are aware of the importance of this tree and the seeds it produces, and some make a living collecting the resin, seeds and leaves. In fact, the Shala tree gives numerous raw materials which are utilized by multiple industries. Its wood plays an important role in the local construction sector, as its timber is highly valued. The resin of the Shala tree is incorporated into Ayurvedic treatments, and many people in India also burn it in the form of incense. Even the leaves are valuable, since they can be used to produce patravali, or leaf plates which are quite environmentally friendly. The seeds of the Shala tree are extremely versatile, distributing oil that can be used in everything from the making of soap to paints, pigments and culinary items.

How Sal Seed Butter Will Beautify Your Skin

While the Shala tree and its byproducts have been the subject of ongoing research, most people, especially women, will be interested in the manner in which its butter can enhance their skin. Sal butter has a neutral scent, is exceptionally creamy, and rapidly melts into the skin when coming into contact with it.

Its quality has been compared to Argan butter, which is a good comparison, since it will have your skin feeling as smooth as velvet. Sal seed butter is truly luxurious, as far as butters go. It has just the right attributes to make you feel good in the moment, which makes it a prime candidate for spa treatments. It is also outstanding when applied to the hair, and this is largely due to its composition, which includes oleic acid, stearic acid and linoleic acid. It also has squalane, which is known to assist in the regeneration of stratum corneum lipids, while its Terpene alcohols function as an antioxidant which is anti-inflammatory. Sal seed butter is rich in phytosterols, which aids in the function of your skin barrier while promoting microcirculation.